Flight to Rio

I left home shortly before 8. An unexpected traffic jam on 104th St. ate up any extra time I had, and I arrived at the gate after boarding had started, but before my row was being boarded. I found out that TAM takes the 5kg limit on carryon seriously, and had to move stuff to my checked luggage (which was underweight). This included the book I brought to read on the plane. The flight to Sao Paulo left pretty much on schedule.

I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It's a different take on Holmes, who takes a more vigorous role than either Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett. I guess they're planning another one as they introduced Moriarty, but he wasn't significant in this one. Halfway through the second movie, the entertainment system crashed. They tried to reboot if a few times, without success. Wished I had my book!

We got to Sao Paulo pretty much on schedule. Even thought the flight number is the same, the plane was not. We took a bus to the international part of the terminal. Most people went on through to passport control. I took a right up the stairs and through security again into the international terminal. Then it was another quick turn downstairs back almost to where I came in to grab a bus to the other plane.

The flight to Rio was somewhat delayed. It was well after 10 when we left. Rio is only about a 40 minute flight. We touched down at 11pm. It took 15 minute to taxi to the jetway, and I was expecting it to be 12:30 or even 1 when I got to the hotel. In fact, both passport control and customs were very quick. I changed money and got a cab in minutes, and was at the hotel by midnight.

Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Hotel, Rio de Janeiro