Lost Day

I was not well this morning, apparently from something I ate, and was not able to go on the trip to see the Restinga Antwren and other coastal species. Eventually I felt well enough to walk around the lodge area and the wetlands. I was able to add Red-eyed Vireo, Gray-fronted Dove, and Brown-crested Flycatcher. Soon after I returned to the lodge, a pair of White Woodpeckers flew in. The group got back a bit after 1, and we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we walked out by the wetlands again. Dave spotted a stunning Crescent-chested Puffbird. We also saw a Greenish Elaenia. We continued past the wetlands and up a trail through the forest in hopes of finding the Shrike-like Cotinga. We were unsuccessful. We were also unsuccessful at tracking down some calling motmots. However, a Rufous-tailed Jacamar was cooperative.

By the time we were back to the wetland area, it was getting dark and Nick got the spotlight out. We ended up seeing Common Potoo and Common Barn-Owl before returning to the lodge.

If you are expecting photos, you are out of luck. I didn't take any today. Hopefully this will be the only such day.

My total for today was 72 bird species. I added 9 species to the triplist, including 3 lifers. The total is now 156 species (153 seen), including 68 lifers.

Guapi Assu Lodge, Rio de Janeiro State