Flight to Quito

Saturday, July 9, 2011: We were about 25 minutes late getting away from Miami (apparently due to waiting for cargo), and the same arriving at Quito. Larry Manfredi, Joe Barros, and a couple of others of our group were on the same flight. Apparently they didn't get fed on the plane. I was flying business class and enjoyed a fine meal including salad with portobello mushrooms and a chicken curry entree (not to mention the ice cream).

I had a window seat and got good views up through sunset. There was a line of storms over Cuba.

Miami Storm over Cuba
Miami Storm over Cuba

After clearing customs, we found our driver and all headed to the Hotel Sebastian. The Sebastian is familiar from my 2008 trip. Once we arrived at the Sebastian, we soon spotted Brian Rapoza, Ann Wiley, the Paces, and most of the rest of the group. In fact, we split into two groups tomorrow, and the people on the plane with me will not be in my group. Larry and Joe had a late dinner. Tomorrow, we meet at 5am for breakfast.

Hotel Sebastian, Quito