Here is the list of the birds I saw or heard on the trip. Heard-only species are denoted by (H) and established introduced species by (I). Life birds are in blue bold. A single asterisk denotes regional endemics (1 species).

If the order seems a little strange, it's because it is my own interpretation of current information about what the taxonomic order should be (TiF Checklist).

BIRDS (299)


Great Tinamou
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
Black Guan
Gray-headed Chachalaca
Crested Bobwhite
White-tipped Dove
Scaled Pigeon
Pale-vented Pigeon
Short-billed Pigeon
Rock Pigeon (I)
Plain-breasted Ground-Dove
Ruddy Ground-Dove
Common Potoo
Common Pauraque
Lesser Nighthawk
Band-rumped Swift
Short-tailed Swift
White-necked Jacobin
White-tipped Sicklebill
Rufous-breasted Hermit
Stripe-throated Hermit
Green Hermit
Long-billed Hermit
Purple-crowned Fairy
Long-billed Starthroat
Garden Emerald
Violet-headed Hummingbird
White-vented Plumeleteer
Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer
Crowned (Violet-crowned) Woodnymph
Snowy-bellied Hummingbird
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Sapphire-throated Hummingbird
Violet-capped Hummingbird
Blue-chested Hummingbird
Greater Ani
Smooth-billed Ani
Groove-billed Ani
Striped Cuckoo
Squirrel Cuckoo
Gray-necked Wood-Rail
Purple Gallinule
Wood Stork
Magnificent Frigatebird
Brown Booby
Neotropic Cormorant
Brown Pelican
White Ibis
Rufescent Tiger-Heron
Boat-billed Heron
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
Cattle Egret
American (Great) Egret
Great Blue Heron
Cocoi Heron
Green Heron
Snowy Egret
Little Blue Heron
Black-bellied Plover
Black-necked Stilt
Southern Lapwing
Wilson's Plover
Wattled Jacana
Ruddy Turnstone
Western Sandpiper
Short-billed Dowitcher
Turkey Vulture
Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Black Vulture
Pearl Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite
Black Hawk-Eagle
Ornate Hawk-Eagle
Double-toothed Kite
Plumbeous Kite
Snail Kite
Common Black-Hawk
Savanna Hawk
Great Black Hawk
Roadside Hawk
White Hawk
Gray-lined Hawk
Short-tailed Hawk
Zone-tailed Hawk
Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
Tropical Screech-Owl (H)
Spectacled Owl
Mottled Owl
Black-throated Trogon
Orange-bellied Trogon
Slaty-tailed Trogon
Black-tailed Trogon
White-tailed Trogon
Gartered (Violaceous) Trogon
Tody Motmot
Broad-billed Motmot
Rufous Motmot
Whooping (Blue-crowned) Motmot
Ringed Kingfisher
Amazon Kingfisher
Green Kingfisher
American Pygmy Kingfisher
Great Jacamar
White-whiskered Puffbird
Barred Puffbird
Pied Puffbird
Black-breasted Puffbird
White-necked Puffbird
Spot-crowned Barbet
Chestnut-mandibled (Black-mandibled) Toucan
Keel-billed Toucan
Collared Aracari
Crimson-crested Woodpecker
Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker
Lineated Woodpecker
Cinnamon Woodpecker
Black-cheeked Woodpecker
Red-crowned Woodpecker
Crested Caracara
Yellow-headed Caracara
American Kestrel
Bat Falcon
Orange-chinned Parakeet
Brown-hooded Parrot
Blue-headed Parrot
Red-lored Amazon
Mealy Amazon
Yellow-crowned Amazon
Brown-throated Parakeet

Suboscine Passerines

Lance-tailed Manakin
Blue-crowned Manakin
Golden-collared Manakin
Red-capped Manakin
Purple-throated Fruitcrow
Blue Cotinga
Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher
Black-tailed Flycatcher
Speckled Mourner
Masked Tityra
Cinnamon Becard
White-winged Becard
Golden-crowned Spadebill
Sepia-capped Flycatcher
Olive-striped Flycatcher
Ochre-bellied Flycatcher
Olivaceous Flatbill
Yellow-olive Flycatcher
Yellow-margined Flycatcher
Common Tody-Flycatcher

Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher
Pale-eyed Pygmy-Tyrant
Scale-crested Pygmy-Tyrant
Southern Bentbill
Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant
Mistletoe (Paltry) Tyrannulet
Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet
Brown-capped Tyrannulet
Greenish Elaenia
Yellow-bellied Elaenia
Lesser Elaenia
Mouse-colored Tyrannulet
Bright-rumped Attila
Piratic Flycatcher
Rufous Mourner
Dusky-capped Flycatcher
Panama Flycatcher
Great Kiskadee
Lesser Kiskadee
Boat-billed Flycatcher
Streaked Flycatcher
Rusty-margined Flycatcher
Social Flycatcher
Fork-tailed Flycatcher
Tropical Kingbird
Long-tailed Tyrant
Bran-colored Flycatcher
Tufted Flycatcher
Tropical Pewee
Dot-winged Antwren
Checker-throated Antwren
Moustached Antwren
Pacific Antwren
White-flanked Antwren
Slaty Antwren
Great Antshrike
Fasciated Antshrike
Plain Antvireo
Spot-crowned Antvireo
Barred Antshrike
Black-crowned (Western Slaty) Antshrike
Spotted Antbird
White-bellied Antbird
Chestnut-backed Antbird
Bicolored Antbird
Dusky Antbird
Streak-chested Antpitta
Black-faced Antthrush
Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
Plain-brown Woodcreeper
Northern Barred-Woodcreeper
Spotted Woodcreeper
Black-striped Woodcreeper
Cocoa Woodcreeper
Straight-billed Woodcreeper
Streak-headed Woodcreeper
Plain Xenops
Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner (H)
Pale-breasted Spinetail

Oscine Passerines

Green Shrike-Vireo
Rufous-browed Peppershrike
Scrub Greenlet
Golden-fronted Greenlet
Lesser Greenlet
Yellow-green Vireo
Black-chested Jay
Mangrove Swallow
White-thighed Swallow
Southern Rough-winged Swallow
Gray-breasted Martin
Long-billed Gnatwren
Tawny-faced Gnatwren
Tropical Gnatcatcher
Southern House-Wren
White-headed Wren
Plain Wren
Bay Wren
Rufous-and-white Wren
Song Wren
White-breasted Wood-Wren
Rufous-breasted Wren
Black-bellied Wren
Tropical Mockingbird
Clay-colored Thrush
Yellow-crowned Euphonia
Thick-billed Euphonia
Fulvous-vented Euphonia
White-vented Euphonia
Tawny-capped Euphonia
Black-striped Sparrow
Orange-billed Sparrow
Red-breasted Blackbird
Eastern Meadowlark
Yellow-billed Cacique
Yellow-rumped Cacique
Scarlet-rumped Cacique
Chestnut-headed Oropendola
Yellow-backed Oriole
Yellow-tailed Oriole
Giant Cowbird
Bronzed Cowbird
Shiny Cowbird
Great-tailed Grackle
Buff-rumped Warbler
Rufous-capped Warbler
Dusky-faced Tanager
Red-throated Ant-Tanager
Red-crowned Ant-Tanager
Carmiol's Tanager
Highland Hepatic-Tanager
Blue-black Grosbeak
Buff-throated Saltator
Black-headed Saltator
Slate-colored Grosbeak
Streaked Saltator
Yellow-faced Grassquit
Rufous-winged Tanager
Bay-headed Tanager
Emerald Tanager
Silver-throated Tanager
Plain-colored Tanager
Speckled Tanager
Blue-gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager
Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch
Green Honeycreeper
Sulphur-rumped Tanager
Black-and-yellow Tanager
Red-legged Honeycreeper
Shining Honeycreeper
Scarlet-thighed Dacnis
Blue Dacnis
Blue-black Grassquit
White-lined Tanager
Flame-rumped Tanager
Crimson-backed Tanager
White-shouldered Tanager
Tawny-crested Tanager
Gray-headed Tanager
Thick-billed Seed-Finch
Variable Seedeater
Yellow-bellied Seedeater
Ruddy-breasted Seedeater
Saffron Finch (I)


A (G) indicates species seen by the group, but not by me.

Hoffman's Two-toed Sloth, Choloepus hoffmanni
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth, Bradypus variegatus
Nine-banded Armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus
Kinkajou, Potos flavus
White-nosed Coati, Nasua narica
Neotropical River Otter, Lontra longicaudis (G)
Red-tailed Squirrel, Sciurus granatensis
Western Dwarf Squirrel, Sciurus mimulus (G)
Variegated Squirrel, Sciurus variegatoides
Central American Agouti, Dasyprocta punctata
Collared Peccary, Pecari tajacu (G)
Lesser White-lined Bat, Saccopteryx leptura
False Vampire Bat, Vampyrum spectrum
Common Tent-making Bat, Uroderma bilobatum
Mantled Howler Monkey, Alouattta palliata
Panamanian (Western) Night Monkey, Aotus zonalis (G)
White-faced Capuchin, Cebus capucinus
Geoffroy's Tamarin, Saguinus geoffroyi