Metropolitan Park & Canopy Lodge

Saturday, July 20th: We headed over to Metropolitan Park to start the day. A couple of us saw a Bronzed Cowbird on the way. Numerous birds were present in the park, including several species of wren. I missed the Rufous-and-white Wren, but saw Black-bellied Wren and Rufous-breasted Wren. Plain Wren was heard. We also found Lance-tailed Manakin and Greenish Elaenia before we'd gone far from the vehicle. A bit further on we encountered White-bellied Antbird followed by Red-throated Ant-Tanager. We hoped for some other new species as we climbed the hill, but did not find them. We found a female Fasciated Antshrike on the way down.

We revisited the Summit Ponds and a little bit of Old Gamboa Road before returning to the lodge. Most of the birds were the same we'd seen on the previous visit.

After lunch, we hit the road. It took a couple of hours to get to Canopy Lodge. Looks like we will be very comfortable here during the next week.

I ended up with 59 species for the day, 7 of them new for the trip. My trip total is now 231. I also got only 1 lifer today, bringing my total to 41 for the trip.

Canopy Lodge