Las Minas Trail & Mata Ahogado

Thursday, July 25th: The day started with some recoveries, some newly sick, and Bob still sick. We returned to the Las Minas Trail where we had been rained out several days ago. Our first new bird, Black Guan, didn't take long to find. We added Tufted Flycatcher as we treked uphill, and Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch in a high open area. It was followed by the first of two Orange-bellied Trogons (the second ended up near the Tufted Flycatcher on our way back), Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, and Scale-crested Pygmy-Tyrant. The real highlight of the morning was a perched Ornate Hawk-Eagle. We then returned to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon we headed off to Mata Ahogado. We didn't get very far before it started to rain and we retreated to a nearby bus shelter. The rain stopped, we ventured out for some birding, then the rain set in more seriously. We spent quite a while in the shelter before it cleared. A Striped Cuckoo was thet only new bird in this area.

I was feeling not so good in the shelter, and it got worse as we returned to the lodge. By the time we crossed the footbridge, my only question was whether I could make to the room, or whether I should use the nearby bathroom. I choose the later. It was the right choice!

I ended up with 49 species for the day. Eight of them were new for the trip, bringing my trip total to 298. I also got 2 more lifers today, bringing my total to 53 for the trip.

Canopy Lodge