Here is the list of the birds I saw or heard on the trip. Heard-only species are denoted by (H) and established introduced species by (I). Life birds are in blue bold. I ended up with 295 species including heard birds. Of those, 262 counted as lifers, 12 as heard-only birds not added to my life list, and 21 are species I had previously seen.

If the order seems a little strange, it's because it is my own interpretation of current information about what the taxonomic order should be (TiF Checklist).

BIRDS (295)


Chestnut-necklaced Partridge (H)
Great Argus (H)
Crimson-headed Partridge (H)
Malayan Peacock-Pheasant (H)
Mountain Peacock-Pheasant
Crested Fireback
Little Cuckoo-Dove
Spotted Dove
Rock Pigeon (I)
Zebra Dove
Little Green-Pigeon
Pink-necked Green-Pigeon
Thick-billed Green-Pigeon
Large Green-Pigeon
Green Imperial-Pigeon
Mountain Imperial-Pigeon
Jambu Fruit-Dove
Greater Coucal
Lesser Coucal
Raffles's Malkoha
Red-billed Malkoha
Chestnut-breasted Malkoha
Chestnut-bellied Malkoha
Black-bellied Malkoha
Asian Koel (H)
Violet Cuckoo
Plaintive Cuckoo
Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo
Moustached Hawk-Cuckoo
Large-tailed Nightjar
Blyth's Frogmouth
Sunda Frogmouth (H)
Gray-rumped Treeswift
Whiskered Treeswift
Bornean Swiftlet
Plume-toed Swiftlet
Black-nest Swiftlet
Edible-nest Swiftlet
Mossy-nest Swiftlet
Silver-rumped Spinetail
Brown-backed Needletail
House Swift
Slaty-breasted Rail
White-breasted Waterhen
Lesser Adjutant
Storm's Stork
Oriental Darter
Cinnamon Bittern
Yellow Bittern
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Nankeen Night-Heron
Pacific Reef-Heron
Little Egret
Striated Heron
Eastern Cattle Egret
Intermediate Egret
Eastern Great Egret
Gray Heron
Purple Heron
Malaysian Plover
Little Tern
Jerdon's Baza
Crested Serpent-Eagle
Crested Goshawk
Bat Hawk
Changeable Hawk-Eagle
Wallace's Hawk-Eagle
Blyth's Hawk-Eagle
Rufous-bellied Hawk-Eagle
Eastern Marsh-Harrier
Brahminy Kite
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Lesser Fish-Eagle
Gray-headed Fish-Eagle
Collared Owlet
Brown Wood-Owl (H)
Barred Eagle-Owl
Buffy Fish-Owl
Scarlet-rumped Trogon
Diard's Trogon
Red-headed Trogon (H)
Red-naped Trogon
Whitehead's Trogon
Helmeted Hornbill
Rhinoceros Hornbill
Bushy-crested Hornbill
Black Hornbill
Oriental Pied-Hornbill
Wreathed Hornbill
Wrinkled Hornbill
Red-bearded Bee-eater
Blue-throated Bee-eater
Blue-eared Kingfisher
Banded Kingfisher
Stork-billed Kingfisher
White-throated Kingfisher
Rufous-collared Kingfisher
Collared Kingfisher
Brown Barbet
Sooty Barbet
Coppersmith Barbet
Blue-eared Barbet
Fire-tufted Barbet
Golden-naped Barbet
Yellow-crowned Barbet
Golden-whiskered Barbet
Golden-faced Barbet
Black-browed Barbet
Rufous Piculet
Maroon Woodpecker
Rufous Woodpecker
Buff-necked Woodpecker
Common Flameback
Banded Woodpecker
Checker-throated Woodpecker
Greater Yellownape
Lesser Yellownape
Crimson-winged Woodpecker
Laced Woodpecker
White-bellied Woodpecker
Great Slaty Woodpecker
Gray-capped Pygmy-Woodpecker
Sunda Pygmy-Woodpecker
Black-thighed Falconet
White-fronted Falconet
Blue-rumped Parrot
Blue-naped Parrot
Long-tailed Parakeet
Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot


Dusky Broadbill
Silver-breasted Broadbill
Black-and-red Broadbill
Banded Broadbill
Black-and-yellow Broadbill
Green Broadbill
Blue-headed Pitta
Malayan Banded-Pitta (H)
Bornean Banded-Pitta (H)
Blue-banded Pitta (H)
Garnet Pitta
Black-crowned Pitta
Golden-bellied Gerygone
Gray-chinned Minivet
Scarlet Minivet
Sunda Cuckooshrike
Pied Triller
Lesser Cuckooshrike

Bornean Whistler
Mangrove Whistler
Dark-throated Oriole
Black-naped Oriole
Black-eared Shrike-babbler
Blyth's Shrike-babbler
White-bellied Erpornis
White-breasted Woodswallow
Common Iora
Green Iora
Bornean Bristlehead
Rufous-winged Philentoma
Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo
Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
Hair-crested Drongo
Malaysian Pied-Fantail
White-throated Fantail
Spotted Fantail
Black-naped Monarch
Oriental Paradise-Flycatcher
Crested Jay (H)
Black Magpie
Bornean Treepie
Common Green-Magpie
Bornean Green-Magpie
House Crow
Large-billed Crow
Slender-billed Crow
Rail-babbler (H)
Common Tailorbird
Rufous-tailed Tailorbird
Dark-necked Tailorbird
Ashy Tailorbird
Yellow-bellied Prinia
Striated Grassbird
Oriental Reed-Warbler
Pacific Swallow
Rufous-bellied Swallow
Bornean Stubtail (H)
Yellow-bellied Warbler
Mountain Tailorbird
Sunda Bush-Warbler
Yellow-breasted Warbler
Mountain Leaf-Warbler
Hairy-backed Bulbul
Yellow-bellied Bulbul
Ochraceous Bulbul
Buff-vented Bulbul
Charlotte's Bulbul
Cinereous Bulbul
Streaked Bulbul
Puff-backed Bulbul
Black-headed Bulbul
Black-crested Bulbul
Spectacled Bulbul
Scaly-breasted Bulbul
Gray-bellied Bulbul
Stripe-throated Bulbul
Straw-headed Bulbul
Olive-winged Bulbul
Asian Red-eyed Bulbul
Yellow-vented Bulbul
Red-whiskered Bulbul
Chestnut-crested Yuhina
Oriental White-eye
Black-capped White-eye
Everett's White-eye
Mountain Blackeye
Pin-striped Tit-Babbler
Bold-striped Tit-Babbler
Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler
Chestnut-winged Babbler
Rufous-fronted Babbler
Chestnut-backed Scimitar-Babbler
Black-throated Babbler
Chestnut-rumped Babbler
Gray-throated Babbler
Sooty-capped Babbler
Scaly-crowned Babbler
Rufous-crowned Babbler
Ferruginous Babbler
Buff-breasted Babbler
Abbott's Babbler
Mountain Wren-Babbler
Brown Fulvetta
Mountain Fulvetta
Sunda Laughingthrush
Bare-headed Laughingthrush
Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush
Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush
Malayan Laughingthrush
Long-tailed Sibia
Blue-winged Minla
Blue Nuthatch
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch
Common Hill-Myna
Asian Glossy Starling
Common Myna
Crested Myna
Javan Myna (I)
Oriental Magpie-Robin
White-rumped Shama
Indigo Flycatcher
Verditer Flycatcher
Hill Blue-Flycatcher
Sunda Blue-Flycatcher
Bornean Blue-Flycatcher
Malaysian Blue-Flycatcher
Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher
Eyebrowed Jungle-Flycatcher
White-browed Shortwing
White-crowned (Bornean) Forktail
Bornean Whistling-Thrush
Snowy-browed Flycatcher
Little Pied Flycatcher
Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker
Black-sided Flowerpecker
Thick-billed Spiderhunter
Little Spiderhunter
Purple-naped Sunbird
Yellow-eared Spiderhunter
Spectacled Spiderhunter
Streaked Spiderhunter
Bornean Spiderhunter
Ruby-cheeked Sunbird
Plain Sunbird
Brown-throated Sunbird
Black-throated Sunbird
Crimson Sunbird
Temminck's Sunbird
Olive-backed Sunbird
Asian Fairy-bluebird
Orange-bellied Leafbird
Blue-winged Leafbird
Greater Green-Leafbird
Lesser Green-Leafbird
Baya Weaver
Java Sparrow
White-rumped Munia
Dusky Munia
Scaly-breasted Munia
Chestnut Munia
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Paddyfield Pipit


Asian Leopard Cat, Prionailurus bengalensis
Malay Civet, Viverra tangalunga
Malayan Weasel, Mustela nudipes
Bearded Pig, Sus barbatus
Sambar, Cervus unicolor
Mountain Treeshrew, Tupaia montana
Malayan Colugo, Galeopterus variegatus
Bornean Orangutan, Pongo pygmaeus
Siamang, Symphalangus syndactylus
Mueller's Bornean Gibbon, Hylobates muelleri
Maroon Leaf Monkey, Presbytis rubicunda
Probocis Monkey, Nasalis larvatus
Silvery Lutung, Trachypithecus cristatus
Crab-eating (Long-tailed) Macaque, Macaca fascicularis
Southern Pigtailed Macaque, Macaca nemestrina
Tufted Pygmy Squirrel, Exilisciurus whiteheadi
Himalayan Striped Squirrel, Tamiops mcclellandii
Bornean Mountain Ground Squirrel, Dremomys everetti
Jentink's Squirrel, Sundasciurus jentinki
Bornean Pygmy Squirrel, Glyphotes simus
Plantain Squirrel, Callosciurus notatus
Gray-bellied Squirrel, Callosciurus caniceps
Bornean Black-banded Squirrel, Callosciurus orestes
Prevost's Squirrel, Callosciurus prevostii
Indian Giant Flying Squirrel, Petaurista philippensis
Thomas's Flying Squirrel, Aeromys thomasi


Water Monitor, Varanus salvator
Oriental Garden Lizard, Calotes versicolor (I)
Draco lizard, Draco sp.
Sumatran Pit Viper, Trimeresurus sumatranus
Cat Snake, Boiga sp.
Bronzeback Snake, Dendrelaphis sp.