Return Home

Saturday, July 2, 2011: We had a some time in morning, and I walked around Cusco a bit and took a tour of the Iglesia de la Compañía, the Jesuit cathedral. At 11, we headed off to the airport to catch our 1pm flight to Lima. As we checked out luggage, we got the bad news that due to bad weather, the plane was not on the way yet, and that would be delayed until 3pm. We had lunch while waiting. Then, 3 turned into 3:30, and 4, and then 5. Eventually, they did get us a plane around 5:30. We were rushed on it in hopes of leaving before the airport closed for the day due to the difficult landing and take-off at Cusco. We didn't make it.

The airline (StarPeru) eventually offered to eat the change fees for everyone with a connecting intertional flight, along we had Maggie at Field Guides standing by in case arrangements needed to be made (we still do as I write this in Cusco). The local ground agent (Panaroma) arranged a hotel for us, and Dan took care of various other complications, including those arising from the fact that he was supposed to meet his Manu trip group in Lima tomorrow morning, which of course, he can't.

La Residencia del Sol, Cusco

Sunday, July 3, 2011: Our StarPeru flight to Lima finally left this morning. It was a very long wait for them to tell me that they couldn't get through to American Airlines to rebook my flight (the rest of the group had been taken care of). Fortunately, Maggie at Field Guides was able to get me rebooked. Hopefully StarPeru will pay the change fee as promised. Although there was no room at the airport hotel, our ground agents found rooms at a relatively nearby hotel for the three of us who are leaving tomorrow on the 7:30am American flight to Miami.

I did do a little birding from my hotel room, adding Shiny Cowbird and a singing, but unseen, Scrub Blackbird. That brings my final species total for the trip to an even 200 (106 lifers).

Manhattan Hotel, Callao

Monday, July 4, 2011: Everything went smoothly today. We were a little late getting off the ground, but most of that time was made up enroute to Miami. We landed around 2:30pm. Barbara and Don got their luggage first. They still had another leg to go. After mine came, I had a bit of a wait in the customs line, then it was off to grab my car. I got home a little after 4pm, about 32 hours late.

Miami, Florida