[Upper Falls with Ice] This March view of the Upper Falls, shows the rime ice that accumulates near the falls in winter. Conditions that day were good enough that I could drive down to the lower parking lot.

The remaining winter pictures were taken on January 13, 1996. Conditions were quite different then, with much of the park road closed. There was about a foot of snow on the road to the Upper/Middle Falls parking lot, which I sloged through on foot. I was travelling light, and the remaining pictures are all taken with a Pentax point-and-shoot rather than my regular camera. The jpeg versions below still need some color correction. For higher resolution views of any of the pictures (which may be slow to load), just click on the picture.

Inspiration Point: Falls and Trestle

From Inspiration Point, you can look south all the way to end of the Portage Canyon. This gives you a nice view of the Middle and Upper Falls, and the railroad trestle that crosses the Genesee at the beginning of the gorge. (Note that the Genesee flows north, emptying into Lake Ontario at Rochester.) For a fall view from Inspiration Point, see my waterfall page. There's also a small stream that flows into the canyon at Inspiration Point. The waterfall is 350 feet high, and can be viewed from Trail 7 in the east of the park.

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Views of the Middle and Upper Falls, with railroad trestle.

We zoom in for a closer view of the Middle Falls. Looking north, you can't quite see the Lower Falls from Inspiration Point. They're around the bend.

[Zoomed Falls] [Northern View]
Closing in on the Middle Falls Looking North

Closeup of Middle Falls

In the winter, the road to the Lower and Middle Falls is closed off. However, you can park at the top of the hill and walk down to the falls. Needless to say, the falls get pretty ice encrusted in the winter!

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From the road to the Falls Side View

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