Montego Bay and Home

Saturday, March 19th: We did some early birding at Toby's, then headed over by the airport to study the airport marshes. Surprisingly, we managed to pick up a few new birds: Whimbrel, Stilt Sandpiper, and Palm Warbler (I had missed this earlier). There were a variety of other shorebirds and waders in the marshes, but we had seen them before. We then headed back to Toby's for breakfast. Soon after, the leaders and some of the group left. I stayed around until about noontime, when I checked out and headed to the airpot.

The trip back was fine. There was a long line at immigration. They now have us using these kiosks, so the big line was there rather than to see the immigration officer. The latter line was quick. They've changed the way customs works, which should speed things up. Unfortunately, our bags were not delivered in a timely fashioni. It took about an hour and a half. A few bags from the flight showed up earlier, but most of us had to way. Apparently customs was holding them up for some reason. Eventually I got out of there, got my car, and drove home. Traffic was fine on the way home.

Today I totalled 31 species (no lifers), bringing the trip total to 134 species including 30 lifers.

Miami, Florida