Kitagawa Utamaro was one of the great ukiyo-e artists, and is particularly renowed for his bijin-ga --- pictures of beautiful women. Four samples are included below.

Three Beauties of the Kansei Era

Ohisa, Okita, Ohina

This print, made in the mid 1790's, depicts Nanbaya Okita, Takashimaya Ohisa and Tominoto Toyohina.
[Three beauties]

Okita of Naniwaya

From "Six Famous Beauties Challenge the Magnificance of the Six Poetic Geniuses", ca. 1796.

A Beautiful Woman

[Beautiful Woman]


From the series Tôsei odoriko-zoroi, ca. late 1780s.

Many of the Utamaro prints available on the Net are indexed in Hans Olof Johansson's Floating World of Cyberspace.