Rainbow Bridge

Today was focused on photography and sightseeing. I started the day by taking photos at Horseshoe Bend. Then I moved on to the Glen Canyon Dam overlook, and also walked the bridge over the Colorado.

Pretty soon, it was getting close to noon, when I had to be at Lake Powell Resort for the boat trip to Rainbow Bridge. After paying, there was a short wait before heading to the boat. We got underway approximately on time (12:30). The boat trip out is shorter than in recent years. Those had to take a detour due to low water levels. The water level is still low, but not as low as it had been.

You pass by the entrances to various drowned canyons and by many formations that are still visible above the water on the 2+ hour trip to Rainbow Bridge. The canyon walls towered above as the boat entered the canyon. At times, it seemed a very tight fit between the walls. Finally, we arrived at the floating dock. From there, it's a surprising long walk to shore, followed by a hike to reach the bridge itself. The winds were sometimes a problem at the bridge.

We had about an hour, which was ample time to walk there, take photos, and walk back. We returned to Wahweap Marina shortly before 6pm. Due to the wind, and the direction of travel, it was a much wetter trip back than out. Fortunately, there was plenty of space in the enclosed cabin.

I at dinner there. As I was heading back to my car, a California Gull flew over.

So far, I have found 141 bird species and 13 mammal species during the trip.

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