Return to Miami

After finishing repacking, I hit the road. I had one stop planned, at Cave Springs campground in Oak Creek Canyon. Once again, the area was fairly birdy. At one point I was watching 3 Painted Redstarts. I hoped for Red-faced Warbler there, but didn't find any before it was time to go. There was a possible Gray Catbird singing from some bushes. I never saw the bird, so I'm not 100% sure it wasn't a Chat or Thrasher.

The drive to Phoenix was uneventful, and I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Problems arose in Dallas, starting with a delay to my flight home, followed by cancellation of American's Miami flights due to weather.

Comfort Inn DFW South, Irving, TX

American put me on a flight to Tampa today, where I changed planes for Miami. They didn't have any first-class spots open on the Tampa flight, so I was in coach for that segment. They put me in the bulkhead row behind first class. These are considered semi-premium because they have more legroom (you normally need priority to get them; which I had by flying first-class on the original flight). Since the plane was and MD-80 (with 2-3 seating in coach), and I was on the aisle seat on the 3-side, there wasn't even a bulkhead in front.

There were no more complications, so I arrived home in Miami.

I ended the trip with 152 bird species and 17 mammal species.

Miami, FL